EyePillow Set - Striped Teal/Sand

€ 23,50

Let your eyes and brain get some rest, just for a moment.

If you do NOT want your pillow to contain any lavender, please let us know in the comments box during the ordering process.

EyePillow Set

Resting your eyes and facial muscles works miracles!


For these purposes, we created a set:

A pillow made from organic linen, stuffed with flaxseed and lavender, or flaxseed and lentils (your choice), all organic as well.

Furthermore, a set of two knitted or crocheted (handmade) covers from super soft baby merino wool with eco guarantee. This way, you can wash one while using the other. Of couse you can also simply switch colors if you prefer :)

Finally, an instruction for use wrapped in a nice envelope, made from incredible images from old magazines.


You can use the pillow as is, it shapes to the curves on your face and blocks out light.

It can also be frozen first to become nice and cool against headaches.

Or you can use the microwave to heat the pillow up, helping you to relax some tensed facial muscles.



  • Measurements: Pillow is about 20 x 8 cm - the sizes of the covers differ slightly per cover, but always fit around the pillow.
  • Materials: Pillow from 100% organic linen, stuffing from bio flaxseed with bio lavender from Limburg (Netherlands) OR with bio lentils; covers from merino wool with eco stamp.
  • Preservation: Preferably in the plastic bag with ‘zipper’ you will receive with the set - this way, the stuffing will remain nice and fresh.
  • Washing: The covers can easily be washed in the washing machine - put them in a pillow cover and wash them on 30 ºC on the fine/wool program. Do not wash the pillow.


Made in a smoke- and pet-free environment.

Handmade, with good yarn & much love.