Cape & Armwarmers, Sea-green with spots. With Fibula (pin)

€ 72,50

Short, knitted cape that closes with a fibula (pin - included). The cape can be worn both sides out.

Matching arm warmers.

Capelet with fibula and armwarmers

A round capelet, closing with a fibula (which you get with the capelet).

The capelet keeps the shoulders, upper back, breast and upper arms nice and warm. You can pull it closer or wear it looser around the neck, depending on how close you draw the sides together and where you put the brooch.



  • About 32 cm / 12,6 inches from lower edge to the neckline. Very stretchy, with the neckline at it widest at about
  • Made of 74% acrylic, 20% wool and 6% viscose. Fibula from metal.
  • Can be laundered in the washing machine - in a duvet cover and on wool / care programme, 35ºC / 95ºF. Dry flat or hanging on a hanger, but take car to hang it differently once in a while to prevent it from getting 'shoulders' from the hanger.


Made in a smoke- and animal-free environment.

Handmade, with good yarn & much love.