Big Hug - Olive green w/ a coloured edge

€ 74,50

A super large and extremely soft & warm wrap with extra long 'wings' for easy wearing. Beautiful, practical - and like wearing a hug!

Big Hug - olive green

Our number one item, moest sold product ever: A super large wrap with extra long 'wings' to make it easier for you to wrap it the way you like and let it stay in place. The yarn is made of a combination of different kinds of wool, making it extra soft and cuddly.  

Multi-functional: Can be used in stead of a coat on chilly Spring / Summer days or evenings, or over your coat when it's really cold. OR inside when you want to cuddle up on the coach. Awesome for festivals of course! :)



  • Measurements: About 265 cm / 104 inches 'wing-span' and about 115 cm / 61 inches from the point straight up to the neckline.
  • Materials: 32% mohair, 32% alpaca, 28% merino wool, 8% mixed fibers - Italian animals, well treated.
  • Can be laundered in the washing machine - in a duvet cover on care program, 35ºC / 95ºF. After washing, hang you Big Hug on a hanger to dry - change its position on the hanger every now and then to prevent the Big Hug from getting 'shoulders' from the hanger. It dries surprisingly quick!


Made in a smoke- and pet-free environment.

Handmade, with good yarn & much love.