ChunkyBeanie - Orange / pink, no-wool

€ 21,50

Colourful beanie made from thick & squishy yarn, no wool in it at all

Chunky, colourful beanie - pink / orange, no wool

An awesome beanie made in a very comfortable yarn, a thick acrylic. Nice to wear. Easy to wash.



  • Measurements: 26 cm / 10.2 inches from lower edge to point, 25 cm / 9.8 inches wide when lying flat, about 52 cm / 20.4 inches around, stretchable.
  • Made of 100% Spanish high quality acrylic.
  • Launder in the washing machine - best in a pillow cover on wool / care programme, 35ºC / 95ºF. 


Made in smoke- and pet-free surroundings.

Handmade, with good yarn & much love.