Felted tags with aromatic oil - Pines / Christmas trees

€ 8,50

These cute pines / Christmas trees were crocheted and then slightly felted, to make them soft and fluffy.

The two (2) trees come with a 10 ml bottle of Jacob Hooy (very old Dutch brand) aromatic oil of your choice.

You can use a bit of the aromatic oil on the tags, they will release the fragrance ever so slowly if hanging.

Felted tags with aromatic oil - Pines / Christmas trees

The pine tree tags (or Christmas tree tags) have been crocheted from wool, then felted by hand and dried. They are cute for hanging just about anywhere: on a twig, on the actual Christmas tree, in the car. If you put a couple of drops of the aromatic oil on them, the wool will hold the fragrance and release it ever so slowly, especially if they sway in a breeze.



Size - the pine trees are 18 cm / 7 inch tall and 14 cm / 5,5 inch at the widest place.

The tags were made from 100% Swedish sheep wool (from the Island of Gotland).

Launder by hand or in the washing machine on wool / care program, shape when wet. The fragrance will come out and you can apply a different one if you wish.


Made in smoke- and pet-free surroundings.

Handmade, with good yarn & much love.