Cool & Carry - Turquoise w/ lime green

€ 17,50

Ideal for hiking, festivals, sports or just on a warm day: your water keeps nice and cold!

Cool & Carry bottleholder

Great for when you're on the move: The Cool & Carry fits easily in your bag or bagpack, this one also has a noose and can hang on your belt. In both cases - the material and the way it's been crafted makes it perfect for insulating: You water will stay cold for about 4 hours longer on a Summer day. Seriously, we tested it.



  • Sizes: Will carry practically any 0,5 l bottle (about 17 ounces), including the Dutch Dopper. Inner diameter 6,5 cm / 2,6 inches, outer diameter 8 cm / 3,1 inches - it will stretch when you put it on and contract back in size when on.
  • Made of 100% wool, crocheted and then felted.
  • Launders in the washing machine on delicates programme, 35ºC / 95ºF. Shape when wet, dry with a glass or bottle in it. 


Made in a smoke- and pet-free environment.

Handmade, with good yarn & much love.