Hug - pastels

€ 45,00

One shawl - so many possibilities! Triangular, super soft Hug shawl in super pretty pastels.

Hug - Pretty pastels

Triangular, medium sized wrap/shawl, extremely soft. The Hugs are our nice, warm shawl of "normal" size. We call them Hugs because they feel like a hug - soft and friendly to wear. You can use it as a wrap, but also as a scarf around your neck, with the point in front. It's really easy to shape and has extra long ‘wings’ so the knot will stay in place.



  • This Hug is about 170 cm / 67 inches from wing to wing, and about 76 cm / 30 inches from point to neckline.
  • Made from 17% wool, 83% acrylic.
  • The Hug can be laundered in the washing machine as follows: put the Hug in a duvet cover and wash it on 35 ºC/95 ºF on the delicates program. After washing, hang your Hug on a clothing hanger to dry, or lay it flat on a surface until dry. If it is drying on a hanger, change its position every now and then to prevent it from getting an odd shape.


Made in an environment free of pets and cigarette smoke.

Handmade with good yarn & much love.