Steering Wheel Cover - choose your colour & size here

€ 17,50

Steering wheel covers that you can change so they fit your mood - and you can wash them, that's a nice, clean idea!

Here you can choose your own colours AND tell us the exact sie of your steering wheel, and we'll make one or more especially for you.

Steering wheel cover - simply brilliant!

Awesome with a bit of colour in your car, and at the same time a nice, clean idea: a washable steering wheel cover. We make these to order, especially for you. Nice to hold because merino wool doesn't feel warm, and apart from that we make the covers with a pattern that gives a good grip, not too smoothe.

Order 1 - 2 - 3 or 4: The more you order, the cheaper they become a piece - more is less in this case.


How to order your colour(s):

Tell us in the comment box:

The diameter of your steering wheel - don not forget!


The colour(s) of your choice by writing the name of the colour and the number (check check double check)

1. Mustard yellow

2. Licht olive green

3. Apple green

4. Forest green

5. Licht greyish green

6. Sea blue / light turquoise

7. Turquoise

8. North Sea

9. Light grey-blue

10. Dark blue

11. Purple

12. Royal purple

13. Medium purple

14. Rose

15. Dark rose

16. Red

17. Dark heather

18. Cedar / light rusty brown

19. Dark brown

20. Medium grey



  • Made of 100% superwash merino wol.
  • Launder in washing machine on 40ºC / 95ºF care program.


Made in a smoke- and pet-free environment.

Handmade, with good yarn & much love.