Pride "Nissehue" (pointed beanie) - Rainbow (wide) / black

€ 34,50

A completely awesome pointed beanie, fun and practical - a beanie with a wink.

"Nissehue" - Pointed Beanie: Rainbow

A completely awesome long pointed beanie, in the shape of the Danish "nissehue": Nisser are little people, later associated with Christmas, who lived on farms and either teased or helped the farmers. You propably know them as Santa's little helpers... Well - they wore pointed beanies all through history. A (pointed) beanie with a wink.



  • About 27 cm / 10,6 inches wide at the bottom, and 53 cm / 20,9 inches long.
  • Made of 20% wool and 80 % acrylic
  • Launders in the washing machine - put in a duvet cover and wash on delicates programme, 35ºC / 95ºF. Dry flat. 


Made in a smoke- and pet-free environment.

Handmade, with good yarn & much love.