Pride Hug 2.0 - Rainbow

€ 57,50

This is a Pride Hug 2.0: the Hugs are our super nice, warm shawls of 'normal' size, the 2.0 is a model with extra long 'wings'.

The Pride products are mostly made to order - which takes about 2-3 weeks.

Pride Hug 2.0

We designed this shawl especially to make a shawl that really works for any style:
It's a very flat triangle with extra long 'wings', giving you the possibility to tie knots and wrap it around you!
You can wear it all kinds of ways, it will always come out stylish!
Wear it with a knot on the back under the point, or use the fibula (pin) that comes with the shawl to close it in front or on your shoulder.



  • App. 225 cm / 86 inches 'wing-span' (will stretch to at least 240 cm / 95 inches) and easy 75 cm / 28 inches 'high' from neckline to point.
  • Knitted from 37% wool, 63% acrylic.
  • Can be laundered in the washing machine - in a duvet cover on delicates program, 35ºC / 95ºF. Dry flat or hanging on a hanger, but take care to move it around on the hanger once in a while, so it won't make 'shoulders' in the shawl.


Made in a smoke- and animal-free environment.

Handmade, with good yarn & much love.