Bean - Stress - Bags, Set of 4

€ 14,50

Combine your own set - or let us surprise you!

Beanie - Stress - Bags - to play with or to fidget with, everybody loves them!

Old-fashion but new: the bean bag, but now in a mini-version and in pretty colours. They feel awesome, fit into any hand - for kids & grown-ups alike. You can use them to juggle of play throw-games, you can hide them & seek them - or you can fidget with them endlessly. 

Oh and about the price: it may seem a bit much for something this smaal, but they have been crocheted, stitched together, filled and closed, all fully by hand of course. Just sayin'. Besides, they stay nice and keep their shape, for hours & hours of joy.


Ordering your colours

You can let us make a pretty combination for you - you just write in the comment box: Surprise me!

Or you can create your own colour combination, by writing your 4 colours AND their numbers in the comment box (colour AND number = double check ;-) )

  1. Orange-rusty brown
  2. Dark brown
  3. Dark blue
  4. Jeansblue
  5. Turquoise
  6. Light sea green
  7. Apple green
  8. Medium green
  9. Dark green
  10. Ocher yellow
  11. Red
  12. Wine red
  13. Light pink
  14. Light purple



  • Measurements - 5,5 cm / 2.2 inches on all sides
  • Materials - 50% cotton, 50% wool.
  • Filling: dried beans or lentils - real ones that is.
  • Cleaning - DO NOT soak or let get completely wet, the beans or lentils will turn soft: clean on the sides with a wet cloth, if needed with a bit of washing agent..


Made in a smoke- and pet-free environment.

Handmade, with good yarn & much love.