Small (Shoulder-) Bag - Grey

€ 34,50

Knitted little bag with a unique look to it, very light and strong.

Shoulder Bag

A unique bag, knitted from one corner to the other. After knitting, it was assembled and then felted. In doing so, the bag gets a very special look, and extra firmness. The strap have been crocheted tightly onto the edge of the bag, making the whole strong, soft, and lightweight.

The bag closes by double folding the top. When you fold the top open on both sides, it can be used as a "basket".



  • Measurements - The bag is 20 cm/7,9 inches wide, 14 cm/5,5 inches from bottom to straps, and 8 cm/3,4 inches deep. the straps is 34 cm/13,4 inches long.
  • Materials - 100% Peruvian wool, and two metal snap buttons.
  • Cleaning - The bag can be laundered on care programme. Before drying, it needs to be stretched and shaped. For drying, stuff it with sheets from newspapers, then dry hanging.


Made in an environment free of pets and cigarette smoke.

Handmade, with good yarn & much love.